Stator Resistance Starter


 Steps for Connection:

1.       Connect CH1 of the oscilloscope to L11.

2.       Connect CH2 and CH3 with the motor shaft.

3.       Choose the red colour  cable button .

4.       Connect L11 to i3.

5.       Connect o1 to u1.

6.       Choose the green colour  cable button.

7.       Connect L21 to i2.

8.       Connect o2 to v1.

9.       Choose the blue colour  cable button.

10.   Connect L31 to i1.

11.   Connect o3 to w1.

12.   Choose the black colour  cable button.

13.   Connect ammeter between u2 and v2.

14.   Short v2 and w2.

15.   Choose the red colour  cable button .

16.   Connect o1 to one of the  terminal of the voltmeter .

17.   Choose the green colour cable button.

18.   Connect o2 to the other terminal of the voltmeter .

19.   Click the check button and if the connection is correct, click OK.

20.    If the connection is wrong, follow the error message displayed and correct the connection.

21.   Select 1 on the two way switch on the left hand side of the panel.

22.   Switch ON the MCB and click the start button.

23.   Switch ON the second MCB.

24.   Now decrease the resistance in the variable resistance box and note the current and voltage.




For  video tutorial click the link below